Poem by Charles Baudelaire in the manner of Robert Massin

Informative Public Health Poster France

My visual identity including the business card and the letterhead.

Two-sided flyer on the Albrecht Dürer exposition of a museum

A small visual presenting the work of Bernard Villemot.

Visual identity "Museum of Magic" including logotype, business card, header paper and poster.

Work on words expression thanks to the fonts.

Photo montages

Hijacking a photo for different media.

Vector cooking party poster.

Film poster Little Red Riding Hood in the manner of Saul Bass.

Creating a visual identity for "La Sargane" including the logotype and a menu card.

Work on retranscription of emotions through the image only in the black line and the choice of the police.

Work on different color harmonies with the constraint to use only one type of shape by harmony and 6 colors.

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